Los Angeles Recorded 51 deaths, Officials defended effectiveness of coronavirus orders - TNBC USA

The public health officials of Los Angeles County on Thursday strongly defended two months of Safer-at-Home orders in the wake of coronavirus which has claimed millions of lives and rattled the economy. On Thursday, the county reported 51 more deaths and 925 new cases taking the total number of coronavirus cases in the county to 1742. 

Dr. Christina Ghaly, health services director said, “This virus has taken an incredible toll on our community, ourselves and one another.” Pasadena has reported 55 new cases taking the  total number of infections to 662 while zero deaths. Long Beach reported 63 more cases taking the total number to 1157 and two additional fatalities.

Ghaly said social distancing and self-isolation was the only tool that public health experts relied on to slow down the transmission of the virus. If the lockdown was not  imposed the death rate would have  been much bigger, said Ghaly. 

“If the Department of Public Health had not enacted Safer-at-Home than we would be in the midst of a public health disaster the likes of which none of us could imagine,” Ghaly said.

However, New York City has not recorded the second level of deaths. 

“There was no intention to scare people,” said Health Director Barbara Ferrer. “We were scared. We were scared we needed to do everything we could do to avoid that situation.” Ghaly gave an update showing that the projection of new cases still appeared comparatively flat going into the next few months. 

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