Boy falls 31 feet after being pushed off waterslide platform by 18-year-old suspect - TNBC USA

An 8-year-old boy reportedly, fell 31 feet after being pushed off of a waterslide platform at Minnesota’s Apple Valley Aquatic Center, notes Newsweek.

The Pioneer Press reports that the alleged perpetrator is Roman Alexander Adams, an 18-year-old man with developmental disabilities. Adams is currently charged with third-degree assault,” notes KARE 11. “He told investigators he pushed the boy at the park on Tuesday because the line was taking too long”. While he suffered many broken bones, it does not appear that he sustained head or internal injuries.

Apple Valley Police Captain Nick Francis told KMSP. “About 70,000 people go through their water park every season, it’s been open for 20 years and we’ve had nothing near this incident take place at all”. Eyewitness reports suggest he and the boy did not interact before the incident occurred.

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