4 Died And 2 Wounded In Stabbing, Robbery Alleged Near Los Angeles - TNBC USA

On Wednesday, four people were encountered and two others injured in a deadly stabbing and robbery spree near two Southern California Communities in Los Angeles, reports the US Police.

The 33-year-old suspect is from Orange County, California, was detained after a 2-hours spree in Garden Grove and Santa Ana Communities, situated around 30-miles South-East of Los Angeles, informed sources.   

However, the actual name and identity of the accused have not yet revealed.

Two men were knocked down in an apartment in Garden Grove and another at Subway, the fourth one was killed at 7/11 Security Guard in Santa Ana, said the police official.

Police in Santa Ana and Garden Grove were working for around 10 different crime scenes, as per the statement of State Police.

They informed that the accused has also robbed a bakery shop, an insurance office and a check-cashing business, where he further stabbed a woman, reported sources.

The police sources reported that the accused was detained at 6:00 PM from 7/11 Security Guard in Santa Ana.

Garden Grove Lieutenant Carl Whitney said, “These are all random acts of violence,” adding that “our suspect was not associated with any of the victims.”

Representatives from the Garden Grove and Santa Ana Police didn’t immediately return phone calls seeking remark.

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