Leaving 3 Children She Was to Be Exiled - TNBC USA

Rosa Gutierrez Lopez had already bought the ticket of flight for returning to the country she fears. Federal The officials of Federal immigration said she had to leave by 10th December even though her attorney was soliciting a court in Texas for a stay of her uprooting order, mentioning her three US-born children, whom she is escalating on her own.

The Fredericksburg, Virginia resident could not assume leaving her 11-year old daughter and her sons, ages 9 and 6, the younger of Whom has Down complex. But she foresaw about their life which was not in Central America, where special requirements resources are insufficient and gangs snatched her old community.

So Gutierrez Lopez of 40 years old never mounted the aeroplane. Instead, she looked for sanctuary at Cedar Lane Unitarian Universalist Church in Bethesda.

Solicitors say she is the first unregistered immigrant to take shelter in the current years to restrain strong imposing by the US President Donald Trump.

Gutierrez Lopez who came to the United States in 2005 said, “ I am going to fight” and is staying in a small apartment on the Cedar Lane Campus while her advocates work to open her case again. She said, “ I feel powerless. But I trust in God for a solution”.

At a news conference, Church leaders joined hands, urging to safeguard her for as long as it takes and telling against what they diminish an ethical immigration system of US.

Omar Angel Perez lead organizer for the DMV Sanctuary Congregation Network and said, “Our faith informs us that this is the right thing to do ”.

Rosa Gutierrez is led from a patrol and news conference at Cedar Lane Unitarian Universalist Church in Bethesda to protest her exile by Rev. Katie Romano Griffin and Rev. Abhi Janamanchi.

US Customs Enforcement and Immigration did not respond urgently to appeal for the information about the case of Gutierrez Lopez. The sanctuary movement reminded decades and is based on the comprehension that federal officials will avoid convicting people in “sensitive locations” like churches unless there is a public safety, terrorism or national security threat. The effort expended in the withering years of the Obama administration, as thousands of Central American immigrants were exiled after having traversed the border illegally.

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