On Wednesday, the United States President Donald Trump’s eldest son will testify behind closed doors to Republican-led Senate Committee probe Russia Election meddling, informed a congressional source.

Donald Trump Junior’s appearance before the Senate Intelligence Committee follows a discourse that became headlines last month, when President Trump has expressed surprise that his son was being trail before Congress for the second time as panel’s investigation.

41-year-old Donald Trump Junior is presently the head of Trump Organization, is likely to interrogate starting around 9:15 am, said a source familiar with the proceedings.

The chairperson of the panel, Republican Senator Richard Burr has faced criticism from his own party after calling him to appear for the second time due to obvious variation between his original 2017 evidence and that of other witnesses.

This time that panel wants to revisit some of Junior Trump’s earlier statements, include a proposed Trump Tower Project in Moscow, reports source.

Some Democrats accused that he may have lied about what President Trump and his son knew about a June 2016 meeting in Trump Tower with a Russian Solicitor offering dirt on Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and other connections between the two sides.

Junior Trump had primarily agreed to testify voluntarily for the second time before postponing, leading it to subpoena issued in April.

He with the committee leaders have eventually reached an agreement, limits the number of questions in the session, which is likely to last for a maximum of 4-hours, reports source.  

For 2-years, Senate Intelligence Committee’s Democrats and Republicans have been quietly probe Russian interference in 2018 Presidential Election.

The US President is fighting any cooperation with Congress in Russia influencing probe, claims that he had been “totally exonerated” of conspiracy in justice by special prosecutor Robert Mueller’s report that was completed by March.

However, the report didn’t find any clear proof to charge members of Trump’s campaign with plotting with Russia, but neither did it acquit the President of obstruction of justice.

Rather, Robert Mueller has mentioned 10 examples of potential obstruction that he uncovered during the investigation.

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