Judge Dismisses One of Accusations Against Weinstein - TNBC USA

Harvey Weinstein, the producer of Hollywood has to get relief from one of his six sexual assaulting accusations, as the judge of New York has dismissed one of his cases.

According to the prosecutors, the actress  Lucia Evans presented a witness in some different version in one of the allegations of sexually assaulting.

Ms Evans has told the media of US that she was compelled to perform oral sex on Mr Weinstein in 2004.

Five another sexual assaulting case on two women is imposed on Mr Weinstein who denied all the accusations.

Benjamin Brafman, the lawyer of Mr Weinstein, said he would try enough to dismiss the remaining charges.

The lawyer of Mr Weinstein also said that he would inspect about the accusations and also on the conducts of the New York Police officer who had inspected on this case. After the hearing of the assault case, the attorney office of Manhattan district released a letter which had been sent in the last month to the lawyer of Mr Weinstein explaining that a witness informed the prosecutors that in the sexual assaulting case, the version had been heard from Ms Evan was enough different from the version which Ms Evan had originally given to the prosecutors.

The lawyer of Ms Evan, Carrie Goldberg said that the version of her client was accurate.

She added, “ I want to be very clear that prosecutors decided to abandon my client’s claims does not invalidate the truth of her claims.”

Mr Weinstein, who is accused of sexual misconduct by more than 70 women, confronts the additional inspection in London, Los Angeles and by the US federal government.


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