Judge Blamed the Ex-security Chief of Trump: You Sold Your Country Out - TNBC USA

The former National Security Chief of the US President Donald Trump accepted a detainment in sentencing for lying over Russian contacts after a judge blackmailed him with tough jail time and said: “You sold your country out ”.

Russia conspiracy investigation lead Robert Mueller had nominated Michael Flynn to accept no jail time for aligning to inspectors about his Moscow strap — and in his own pitch to the court in the last week, Flynn had sought the same.

But Judge Emmet Sullivan said Flynn had conducted in a “ traitorous” manner and recommended he was composed to deliver a strict sentence to the former three-star general, saying the crime of Flynn as a lead White House player was far behind those that lower-level Trump campaign aides had made the commitment.

Sullivan gave Flynn the scope for moving ahead with sentencing or put it off until the Mueller investigation is more approachable and Flynn can better denote his coordination with Russia conspiracy probe.

Sullivan said, “ I want to be frank with you, this crime is very serious”. “ I’m not hiding my disgust, my disdain. Arguably, you sold your country out.”

Flynn was confronting a standard sentence of zero to six months in prison after he urged guilty to be dependent on FBI investigators in 2017 in January, just after Trump became President, about his transmissions with then Russian ambassador Sergei Kislyak.

Mueller had told the court that no jail time was deserved based on the cooperation of Flynn with the investigation, including 19 interviews over the past year and his long record of military service.

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