Joe Biden Says The US Needs To Fortify Collective Capabilities With India - TNBC USA

The former Vice President of the United States, Joe Biden highlighting his foreign policy said that he will “fortify” US “collective capabilities” with India. On Thursday, in a speech, outlining what he called his “foreign policy for the middle class” in New York, Biden accused US President Donald Trump of cosying up to dictatorial strongmen. 

According to him, the US needs “to look for opportunities for strength and domestic cooperation with friends beyond North America and Europe, reaching to our partners in Asia including Japan, South Korea, Australia, India, to fortify our collective capabilities”.

The Democratic Party front-runner ignored his Democratic rivals and focused on what can be called his brand of “America First” foreign policy, distinguishing it from Trump’s combative version. According to Biden, no other country can lead the world and that he will bring the US “back at the head of the table”.

“It falls to the United States of America to lead the way” in harnessing the power of the “electric idea of liberty”, he said. 

“No other nation has the capacity to do it. No other nation was built on that ideal, that promise alone,” he added.

“If we do not shape the norms and institutions that government relations among nations, rest assured that some nation will step into the vacuum, or no one will, and chaos will prevail,” he said.

He stated that the world is observing Trump as “insincere, ill-informed and impulsive and at times corrupt”. However, he admitted Trump’s statement that the US is currently at a disadvantage in the world economy.

“Foreign policy of the middle class will also work to make sure the rules of international economy are not rigged against us, because when American business compete on a fair playing field, we win,” claimed Biden.

Nearly echoing Trump, Biden said: “We need to get tough with China. If China has its way, it’s going to keep moving and robbing US firms of our technology, intellectual properties and forcing companies to give it away to do business in China.”

Trump’s decision of deferring to Russia’s President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki was “one of the most shameful performances by a US President in US history,” said Biden. Trump has also refused to condemn Saudi Arabia for its murder of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi, for which he was criticized by many people.

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