Joe Biden Maintained His Lead As Minorities Favour Most Electable Candidate vs Trump - TNBC USA

According to a Reuters, Joe Biden successfully maintained his lead in the race for the Democratic president in the 2020 election. Minorities supported the former vice president and his main rival, U.S Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont as the best option for beating President Donald Trump in 2020.

On Tuesday, the Aug 1-5 public opinion poll was released and it showed that 22% of Democrats and independents would vote for Biden, a level that is unchanged from a similar poll last month. They said that another 18% they backed Sanders, up 2% from the July cool.

In the election, on one of the 23 candidates could have more than 9%. Biden and Sanders have totally different views on how to govern. Sanders mainly focuses on the effort to expand government-run healthcare for all Americans while Biden offers a more moderate approach that will allow people to maintain their existing healthcare plans.

For Democrats, it is more important to find the best appropriate to beat Trump in the November 2020 general election, than dealing with ideology. As per the poll, 36% of Democrats say they are simply looking for someone who can win. Only 11% say the most important quality is someone with a strong healthcare plan, and 5% say it is most important to pick a strong voice on the environment.

Among all the Democrats, Biden and Sanders are currently being supposed as the safest bets for beating Trump. Both are standing among minorities over the past month as Trump repeatedly vilified minority lawmakers in a series of tweets that inflamed Democrats and many others.

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