Joe Biden Leads Democratic Primary Of 2020 Presidential Election - TNBC USA

Former United States Vice President Joe Biden is leading the Democratic Primary of the Presidential Election in 2020, tracked by Senator Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts in the second post, according to national sources.

According to the election, Mr. Biden has acquired 31 percent support from Democratic Primary Voters, up from 26 percent in July, followed by Elizabeth Warren with 25 percent, up 6 percentage points from two months ago.

Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont came in the third position with 14 percent of support. The Mayor of South Bend Pete Buttigieg has ranked fourth with the support rate unaltered at 7 percent, informs the poll.

Senator Kamala Harris from California has garnered 5 percent this time around (down by 8 percent).

In light of race, ideology, and age, the results showed that Joe Biden led among conservatives or moderates, African Americans, and older Democratic Voters, whereas, Ms. Warren was overwhelmed with support from White Democrats and Self-described Liberals.

The election was conducted between September 13 to September 16 with a margin of error of minus and plus 4.36 percent.

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