Japan To Purchase 105 F-35 United States Stealth Warplanes, Informs President Trump - TNBC USA

On Monday, the United States President Donald Trump informs that Japan has planned to purchase US-made 105 F-35 Stealth Warplanes, offering it the largest fleet of any US allay, reports the American leader.

President Trump went to Tokyo for a state visit. He has also praised North Korean leader Kim Jong-un as a “very smart man”, who is aware of offering his country nuclear weapons for its growth and developments.

The US President was quoted saying, “Japan has just announced its intent to purchase 105 brand new F35 stealth aircraft… This purchase would give Japan the largest F35 fleet of any US ally.”

President Trump further said that Kim Jong-un “knows that with nuclear… only bad can happen. He is a very smart man, he gets it well.”

He also repeated twice that North Korea has “tremendous economic potential.”

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