The daughter of the US President Donald Trump, as well as Ivanka, will assist the United States to elect its candidate for leading the World Bank but she will not be the one , according to the White House.


Jim Yong Kim suddenly declared in the last week that he diminish his occupation as the President of the global development leader of Washington more than three years before ending his term. According to Jessica Ditto, the White House Director of Communications , Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and the Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney , “ have asked Ivanka Trump to help manage the US nomination process as she’s worked closely with the World Bank’s leadership for the past two years”

However, Ditto told in  reports that Ivanka Trump is under contemplation is false. According to the survey report of the renowned news agency, Washington’s Former United Nations ambassador Nikki Haley and Ivanka Trump are the most possible candidate in Uthe S as a suitable replacement of Kim.

Other few names like, Treasury Undersecretary for the International Affairs, David Malpass and the leader of the US Agency for International Development of the newspaper Mark Green are raised for the consideration of the significant post.

Through an unrecorded post-war agreement with Europe , the World Bank has always been directed by an American while a European has always been in a responsible designation of the IMF.

However, that is likely to confront a severe challenge both because US President Donald Trump has executed little interest in,  hostility to the Bank, and has turned the traditional allies which make the agreement possible.

Growing nations also have been boosting the pressure on the organizations to name a leader from an proceeded market country.

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