Iran Foreign Minister Charges United States’ John Bolton of War Plotting - TNBC USA

On Tuesday, Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has accused the United States Security Adviser John Bolton of plotting for war against the country.

Mr. Zarif tweets, “Wanna know why those with proven record of detesting diplomacy are suddenly interested in talks? Just read @AmbJohnBolton’s 2017 recipe for destroying the #JCPOA,” added a link to 2017 Article written by the US Security Advisor in the National Review.

The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action is the landmark 2015 Nuclear Deal, which Iran has signed with world powers.

“Iran never left the negotiation table. #B_Team dragged the U.S. out, while plotting for war,” added Mr. Javad Zarif.

Earlier, Mr. Zarif said that “B-Team” including Bolton, and ardent Iran Hawk, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, could provoke the United States President Donald Trump into a conflict with Tehran.

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