Innocent Man got shot by Police, wrongly accused for burglary - TNBC USA

On Tuesday, a man of Vietnam War was protecting his family members from burglar was shot and immediately killed by police, who mistake the veteran for the attack, reports Colorado official.

In response to the early Monday call of the lady, who informed that an intruder entered her home, Aurora Police Force took the initiative to visit.

After arriving inside the residence, the officer heard a gunshot and as soon he entered the house he found, “a very chaotic and violent scene”, speaks the statement.

Therefore, the officer seeing the armed man fatally shot at him. Then the officer cleaned the space to secure the incident.

The officer wrongly shot the innocent man, who was recognized by the family members, Richard Black of 73-years, was immediately shifted to a hospital and there he left his last breath.

Nick Metz, Chief of Aurora Police Department exclaimed, “This is a very heartbreaking and tragic situation for everyone involved.”

However, the resident and the burglar were not recognized by the police officer.

Police while confronting with the burglar said that an unrecognized youth was injured seriously and shifted to hospital with injuries of non-life threats.

Since then the police officer was placed on administrative reassignment with charges while the investigation for the shooting will continue, as per as the lodge statement.


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