Sen Kamala Harris of California joined the presidential contest on 2020 on Monday, insisting a daughter of immigrants from Jamaica and India into the Democratic race after two years she reached in the Senate.

54-year-old former prosecutor Harris raised in a state that has been the ceramic layer of the Trump resistance, enlarged a developing field of candidates struggling for a nomination of a party that is progressively nonwhite and inflamed by women forked out by the President.

She declared during an interview on “Good Morning America” and in a video that her campaign posted in online. She claimed in a video, “ The future of our country depends on you and millions of others lifting our voices to fight for our American values”. She added, “ That’s why I’m running for president of the United States”. Harris decides a more formal campaign launch in Oakland, California, on Sunday while she will give a speech defining her designation.

As she measured whether to make the entry in the race, Harris told about the oppositions of the running of a campaign that would venture to break several barricades. If selected, she would be the first woman of the Asian heritage and the first African-American woman as President.

In a news conference, at Howard University hours after her declaration, she told about the core issue of her campaign is “the people”, as prevented to any of the arrays of issues that other Democratic candidates say pushed them to run.

Harris added, “Nobody is living their life through the lens of one issue. I think what people want is they want leadership that sees them through the complexity of each of our lives and pays equal attention to their needs ”.

He added, “ Let’s not put people in a box. And as they make their decisions, let’s make sure we give them credit for being smarter than that.”

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