In US Brothel-Owning Republican, Died Last Month, Wins Elections - TNBC USA

The state elections officials have revealed that a brothel-owning, evangelical Christian backed Republican candidate who died last month won his race for the Nevada state legislature. Defeated Democratic candidate and educator Lesia Romanov Dennis Hof, 72 in the race for Nevada’s 36 Assembly District, earning about 68 percent of the vote. The official of the Country said that they would appoint a replacement candidate from the same party for his seat.

To a request for comment, a representative for Romanov did not immediately respond.

Hof was a strip-club owner who ran multiple brothels, and who also represent himself as an American. Hof also had a nickname himself the “ Trump from Pahrump” where he lived in Nevada.

In one the interview in June Hof said his political fortunes had parallels with those of US President Donald Trump. He was also said that this really is the Trump movement. He was added earlier “ People will set aside for a moment their moral belief, their religious beliefs, to get somebody that is honest in office.”

The manager of Hof campaign Chuck Muth has said earlier that “ Hof would win, stating that Republicans has a two-to-one advantage over Democrats in the state Assembly district in terms of voter registration. He Wrote on Twitter that “ I know Republicans in Nevada got massacred tonight, but my man Dennis Hof crushed his opponent from the great beyond in AD-36 & we crushed the anti-brothel initiative in Lyon Country by about 80%.”

Chuck Muth has said on Twitter that Hof appeared to have died in his sleep.

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