In the crowded court of Pennsylvania where a hearing on domestic violence was running, the man ran after to his antagonized wife and injured her before the police had shot on him, as per the report of local media and law enforcement.

Local TV station and WPXI informed in this mishappening, three also were wounded including a police officer and the entire incident started from a clash between the woman and man outside the courtroom in Masontown, a small administrative unit in the south of Pittsburgh.

According to WPXI, the women fled away from the courtroom and he pursued her with a handgun and consequently she was wounded including two another people.

In a news conference, Fayette County District Attorney Richard Bower said they burst into the courtroom during the preliminary hearings of 30 to 40 cases on the docket for the afternoon session.

Bower refused to certify the relationship between the woman and man, informing that the kin had not been informed but the reporters told the man was accused of the case of domestic violence was also disobeying the order against him.

As per the report of WPXI, the woman got the injury in her arm in the courtroom as a number of police officials ran to interrupt and shot the gunman multiple times.

Linda Endsley, who noticed the shooting informed that her son used his belt to make continuous bleeding from the woman’s arm while she hid under the desk

Endsley told in a news channel. “ The women were very calm and we were more upset than she was when she came to know her antagonized husband had been killed.”

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