In Texas Indo-American Individual Took Oath As Judge of Fort Bend County - TNBC USA

Indo-American KP George took oath as the Judge of the Fort Bend County, becoming the first individual from the community to attend the office of one of the most diverse counties of America.

A Democrat, Mr George of 53 years old and Fort Bend Independent School District Board trustee, overpowered the Republican Judge Robert Hebert in November polls.

The duties of county judges vary from state basis in the US. The differences depend upon the size of the county, they have to serve a vast range of administrative and judicial duties.

The Fort Bend County has a substantial population of Indian-Americans. As per the latest census report, Fort Bend is now considered as the most diverse county in Texas, and among the most miscellaneous in the country along with 35 per cent Anglos, 24 per cent Hispanics, 21 per cent Asians and among the others 20 per cent African-Americans.

KP George, who is addressed from the Kakkodi city of Kerala, claimed his father earned only a couple of US dollars in a day being a truck driver. He used to study using a kerosine lamp. According to his saying the community commitment will be the top priority in his administration.

Mr George said, “I will continue spreading the word of county services and involving all people into the process. It is a historic moment for me as well as for the county. We will continue to have an open-door policy for the most diverse county which represents people who speak over 100 languages. We are here to represent each one of them and ensure a better place for residents and children of this county.”

The Professor of Rice University, Mark Jones said George is now the most distinguished Indian-American to serve in the executive position in the US government.

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