US President Donald Trump claimed he hopes to attend a significant summit with the President of Russia and China next month at the Group of 20 summits in Japan. As the conflict in the trade discussion with China increases, US President claimed the prophecy of encounter with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping. He claimed, “ we’ll be meeting at the G20 in Japan. And that will be I think probably a very fruitful meeting.”

At the White House, speaking to reporters, Trump met with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban. The US President also told about the expectation to meet with the Russian President Vladimir Putin.

However, the Kremlin replied immediately, claiming there was no deal on a meeting.US State Secretary Mike Pompeo made a last-minute modification in planning, discarding a trip to Moscow that had been decided for Tuesday, conferencing instead with counterparts from the European allies who have been critical of US policy on Iran. Pacifying attitude toward Russian President by the US President, Moscow and Washington are at widespread on an array of immediate strategic questions, along with Venezuelan crisis, the Syrian civil war and the conflict in Ukraine.

US officials have claimed for weeks that Moscow ends its support for Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro, whom Washington disapproves, charging him for running a deceitful and inferior leftist regime.

According to the US President, earlier this month Russian President gave him assurance that Russia was not being involved in Venezuela.

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