In Her New Job, Nikki Haley Will Earn Lots Of Money: Donald Trump - TNBC USA

US President Donald Trump commented on the US ambassador outgoing to the UN is “going to make a lot of money” describing the Indo-American executive ambassador cum politician Nikki Haley as an “ extraordinary person” who intends to join in the private sector.

President Trump accepted the resignation of 46 years old Haley, the first Indo-American individual for holding a cabinet-ranking designation in any presidential administration level.

Hayley has to continue her current designation till the end of this year until Senate confirm the nominated successor of Haley.

At the White House, Trump told the reporters, “ Nikki is going to be here until the end of the year. Nikki is our friend. She has been great. I want whoever it is to spend some time with Nikki before Nikki goes out and gets herself a job, and hopefully does – she is going to make a lot of money. And I think Nikki will come back in some form too. But she is an extraordinary person, good person.”

According to Haley, she is going to take a break after a long time in public life.

President Trump informed the reporters that he was finding several different individuals as Haley’s replacement. Dina Powell, the former Deputy Advisor of National Security of President Trump, can be considered for the designation.

He said, “There is no good time. I mean, there is be no good time. She told me about this a long time ago. And, frankly, it is almost four weeks. So, it’s not that bad. No, I don’t think so at all. I thought it was very elegantly done. ”

US President also added, “ If she waited until after, then they would say, ‘Oh, she….’ You know, if we win, they would say, why is she doing it. And if we lose, they would say, oh, well, that is obvious why she is doing it. Okay? So there is really no good time to do it ”.

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