In Deadly Black Sea Ship Caught Fire Impeded From Port Over US Approvals - TNBC USA

Two ships on fire in the Black Sea region, leaving minimum 10 crew dead, inflamed while shifting fuel mid-sea after one vessel was blocked from using its usual port in Southern Russia due to approval risk, according to the sources.

The containers, which inflamed have the same names as two tankers used for transportation of gas, the Maestro and Venice, which were added on the sanctions advisory note last year for transporting fuel to Syria.

The US Treasury note released in November suggested that any dealings with these or other vessels implied in transporting fuel to Syria could consequence in sanctions.

The Maestro was eventually impeded from using Temryuk port in Southern Russia by the owners of its only gas terminal, Maktren-Nafta according to the industry sources, where it had formerly melted petroleum gas of Kazakh and Russian origin for exporting to the Middle East.

The Russian company Maktren-Nafta could not arrive for comment. Vessels can haunt to a ship-to-ship transfer of fuel, a risky mechanism especially while they are shifting inflammable fuel, for accessing to a port for loading.

Temryuk port did not respond urgently to a request for comment. The transport Ministry of Russia told two ships have been engulfed by fire during gas loading ship-to-ship mid-sea, in the crucial stormy conditions.

Russia allows loading of gas at just three regional locations – all on-land ports according to a source of ministry.

As per the claims of the media source, “ All ship-to-ship transfers, especially of such dangerous cargo, moreover during stormy weather and in the winter, raises big questions”.

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