In the Silicon Valley, in the headquarters of Facebook nearby San Francisco a bomb threat endangered authorities for evacuating a building according to the police, but after hours while sweeping had been operated, there was no trace of explosives.

The representative for the Menlo Park police, Nicole Acker said the New York Police Department accepted an unidentified tip about a threat of bomb concerning the Facebook Campus in Menlo Park in California and notified the local authorities at 4.30pm.

Acker said the vacating was concealed to a three-story potential on the campus that she said was not the building of headquarters, but a company representative said by mail that a number of buildings on the site had been evacuated.

Briefly, before 8 P.M.  bomb squad investigators of San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office along with trained dogs were still probing the building for detecting the explosives and evacuation became the urgent step.

But police and Facebook authority informed everyone was safe. Acker said she had accepted no information of anything doubtful having been discovered inside the building.

She added, “This is what we do for any bomb threat. We have to be very thorough”. Another Silicon Valley enterprise to confront a security threat in the current past was YouTube. In May, a woman faced fire at its headquarters in San Francisco, injuring three people before she shot herself dead.

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