Winter winds hit along with cold and ice-thrashed roads to the Midwestern and Eastern United States with the US Martin Luther King Jr. Day holiday and an ongoing government shutdown allocating many to note official advice to stay indoors.

A frosty blast of icy-cold air has pursued a January storm that scrapped more than a foot of snowfall across the Northeast, which began melting Sunday. In a Chicago, a 12 years old girl died after a snow castle she had constructed after the collapse of a church. According to the Arlington Heights Police Department, a nine-year-old girl was playing and she had to take treatment for hypothermia after being freezing with the snow and was supposed to survive according to the police.

Chenard said, “This is definitely dangerous, life-and-death kind of weather happening ”. He added, “ Minnesota and Wisconsin will see temperatures in the negative 20s.”

He told, “ Boston will be just 3 degrees (Fahrenheit) this morning, with wind chills of minus 12 or more”. He added, “ New York City and D.C. will be in that same range, maybe hitting the teens later today. It’ll be the record or near-record cold.”

The NWS emerged wind-chill advisories and alerts for more than 10 states, from North Dakota and to East Coast metropolitan centers.

Many Americans had a day off work either for holiday or because they are among granting the workers of the federal government who find themselves in the longest shutdown history of US, caused by a standoff over sponsoring the plans of the US President Donald Trump to make more barricades on the border of US Mexico.


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