In Michigan at Hartford, a cheerleader reportedly exhibited an aristocratic plot for the caption of the queen before the homecoming game of her high school.

Police informed to the local TV station of WWMT that the cheerleader of 17 wished to be enthroned as home queen at the High School of Hartford so badly, that she can able to show up a clever and illegal homecoming swag: brownies of a dozen pot.

Before the weeks, the girl had been recommended for homecoming queen. Police told that she expected the brownies would instigate her classmates to pitch the votes which she needed to win the crown.

As per the Hartford police, the cheerleader gifted costly bag to the football players during the important practice before games but she also came reportedly along with brownies with the dosage of THC.

The ambitious scheming of the teens unveiled nearly 26th September while police told that someone was using the application for notifying anonymously the state authorities who then spread the trip to Hartford police.

In the post, Andrew Hubbard, the Superintendent of Hartford told that the school officials were captive to recover two brownies in their aggregation and the rest remains in a third brownie.

Michael Prince, the police officer of Hartford told Fox17, “ I have read about things across this country. It has not happened with anything that I know of in this area.”

Prince also said, “I have been an officer a long time, and whenever you think you have heard it all, something just about daily comes up, like, ‘Wow’ ”.

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