Google launches second app in China, woos top smartphone market - TNBC USA

The biggest smartphone market is flooded with Google’s file managing tool. It seems to be a lightning into the Chinese app stores where several apps of the internet giant remain banned.

The Alphabet Inc.’s (GOOGL.O) Google launched a China targeted version of “Files Go” which is a storage tool that works for all smartphones. It is the second specific China-targeted application that has been released in the country since it banned its flagship services.

Google has released the product on all third-party app stores including those which were hosted by Baidu Inc. The app has a few users when compared to the flagship search and app products of the search engine giant.

Google’s search engine is forbidden in China including its app store, cloud storage, and email service. Moreover, China has portrayed a supernova on the global map of Google since regulators started banning the company’s products in 2010 as the company denied to censor results with the local laws of the nation.

The cyber laws of China have announced foreign media and web portals are developed to hinder influences that breach socialist ideas and stability.

The internet giant Google has been striving to dilate its artificial intelligence research hub situated in Beijing. However, its comeback to offering consumer products have been plodding between the harsh censorship laws.

The CEO of Google Sundar Pichai has made a visit to China several times in order to take part in conversations with the Chinese government forums since December. Last year the company has related its “Google Translate” app in China which was later backed by the Google’s local venture.

The “Flies Go” app is handy in clearing storage space and offering a boost up to your device. It has been developed by the billion program of the internet giant which targets several foreign markets.

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