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Twelve years ago, in Maryland which is an outlying district of Columbia, a private art museum was preparing to inaugurate their first exhibition gallery named Glenstone. The curator, Emily Wei went to her billionaire boyfriend Mitchell Rales gripping the bill with an innovative proposal. Actually, she wanted to share her idea and insights for the museum in front of the press.

In her 42, Emily now recalls about that disagreement, it was, “ He was like, ‘ You don’t understand, do you? I have not given an interview since 194. I am not  going to start now.’ So we had this fight because we did not know each other that well.”

Mitch also said in his 62, “ It was not really a fight.”

According to Emily, “ It was a disagreement. He was irritated by my suggestion, so I was like, ‘ Okay, fine, I am glad we had that discussion.’  ”

After twelve years, they come together in an interview. They were happily married in 2008. But Emily is clear about the matter that without any doubt Gemstone is one of the best gifts from Mitchell for the public.

Recently, the pair reveals the prime renovation plan of their Potomac institution. Once this was a simple building and now has been revamped into an expansive nature and art campus consisting 230-acre area.

In the Washington D.C area, the concept of Glenstone is no longer as the best secrets. It is considered as an ample and extensive private collection of European and American fashionable art exhibition of the country.

The interior of the new Glenstone is going to be inaugurated on October 4 along with interconnected pavilions outlined by the famous architect Thomas Phifer. This extensive interior is included with 50,000 square feet galleries, as well as 9000 square feet authentic exhibition hall. The entire Glenstone has been renovated for including 8000 tree plantation. The collection has reached up to 1,300 objects. Among all the private foundation of the exhibition such as Isabella Stewart Gardner in Boston, Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia, Glenstone always has been considered the most contemporary art gallery.

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