Gamblers Bet on the US Vice President Mike Pence as The Anonymous Writer - TNBC USA

Washington became enkindled by the unsparing and unspecified interpretation by “ a senior official in the Trump administration” in New York Times raising one query: Who wrote it?

Jake Slater, the general manager of claimed in an interview, “ Nothing will ever take the place of sporting events. But we definitely see the more volatile politics throughout the world gets, the more action we are generating.”

Taylor Telford from The Washington Posts reported of course everywhere in Washington the identity of the letter writers was asked inducing “another remarkable round of Washington’s unofficial sport: speculative gossip”.

“ Internet conspiracy theorists cracked their knuckles and settled in for a long night ’s work, which then spilled into Thursday. Pundits sat by their phones and in front of TV cameras, waiting for their chances to weigh in. Ravenous masses took to Twitter and Reddit to tear into piece’s breadcrumbs. The game was afoot.”

Slater said, “ In this industry, everybody has some sort of well-kept secret or contact. Our lines are based on the information that we are receiving, and we go from there.”

Strauss said, “ The research is fairly in depth when we do these sort of things because when we throw numbers at the wall, we are going to get burned. I will talk to people who know about this sort of thing, but Trump is not calling me saying, ‘ Pence is the man.’ “

Strauss said, “ If the mystery drags on after the oped is out of the news cycle, gamblers can call MyBookie and request their money back.”

Slater said, “ People bet with their heart and not with their head, especially when it comes to someone like Trump.”

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