Former Leader of Trump’s Presidential Campaign Lied About Disclosure of Polling Data To Russian - TNBC USA

The former campaign chairman of the US President Donald Trump, named Paul Manafort, was charged by the federal prosecutor for disclosing the polling data which was directly linked to the 2016 Presidential campaign of Trump with a business partner. He was alleged based on the doubtful illegal ties to the Russian intelligence, according to the section of a court filing by the defense team of Manafort that was accidentally made public.

Manafort’s lawyers had tried to clear the section on polling data and other relevant information based on the Manafort’s communications with Konstantin Kilimnik, a former corporate partner of Manafort, before issuing the document to a public database for the federal court filings. In the court filings, Mueller has claimed about the doubtful ties with Russian intelligence.

But some journalists from renowned news agency including the Guardian and Vox realized the confidential segments could be electronically turned around and posted the raw version without using any censor on Twitter. The international news agency did not independently analyze the filing, which was soon restored in the public database with a proper confidential version.

The lawyers of Manafort’s did not reply to an application to a request for comment on the matter. A representative for Special Counsel Robert Mueller, whose office is legally proceeded Manafort, refused to comment. Kilimnik could not arrive for any comment.

As per the uncensored versions posted on online, the blacked-out sections presented that Manafort has been charged by Mueller for disclosing of polling data on the 2016 campaign with kilimnik.


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