Former Lawyer of the US President Faces Interrogation , Behind Closed Doors - TNBC USA

The Former lawyer of US President Donald Trump, Michel Cohen came back to Capitol Hill to discuss secretly with a congressional panel which is investigating about Russian interference in the 2016 US election, rounding a week of testimony in which he surfaced new accusations of-of errors of his former boss.

Michael Cohen did not reply to any questions as he reached for his third and final session in Congress this week. His private attestation before the House Intelligence Committee was envisioned to last into the evening. The congressional panel investigating Russian election with an interference with the Trump campaign.

In the substantial public testimony presented before the House Oversight Committee, the single-time “fixer” for Trump charged the President for breaking the law while in the office told for the first time that the US President had the information about a Wikileaks dump of stolen emails which hurt his 2016 election rival, Hillary Clinton.

According to a Democrat Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings told his panel would additionally probe the issues raised by the testimony of Cohen and may try to get the son of the President Junior Donald Trump, and his former accountant, Allen Weisselberg for checking.

Cummings informed the reporters after the hearing, “ I think there are still a number of other shoes to drop”.

Other Democrats told they would attempt to check whether the US President exploited the financial statements to diminish taxes and secure bank loans according to the allegation of Cohen.

Two top Republicans of the committee, Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows, told the Justice Department to probe Cohen for violating the oath, claiming he exaggerated during his presentation about his efforts to land a White House job and his work for two foreign companies, amidst other matters.


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