For Dealing With Immigrant Children US Will Take Extraordinary Measures - TNBC USA

The United States will execute “extraordinary” safeguarding measures for dealing with a rush of immigrant children in custody according to the Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen claimed after the second death of the child of Guatemala in custody.

Nielsen decides to visit later in this week to the Mexico border region to confront medical evaluations and conditions at the Border of Patrol stations according to her statement, as Donald Trump and Congress remain log jammed over the demands of president for billions of dollars to fund a wall along the border.

She said in a statement, “In response to the unprecedented surge of children into our custody, I have directed a series of extraordinary protective measures ” after the “ deeply concerning and heartbreaking” death of the child.

Nielsen included that she has interrogated the US Coast Guard medical corps to evaluate and “ make appropriate recommendations” about Border Patrol medical programs, and has looked for additional medical professional from the Defence Department.

US Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Kevin MCAleenan alerted that the agency was not able to manage with the thousands of entry, as most resources were built decades ago for men arriving alone.

He told media, “We need help from Congress. We need to budget for medical care and mental health care for children in our facilities ”

Suffering from fever, 8 years old Felipe Gomez was one among around the 25,000 migrant children in US custody, as per the opinion of McAleenan – according to the record of highest number.

He said, “That’s an enormous flow. That’s very different from what we’ve seen before”, including the matter of the flu season which became a crucial pressure on the services of the health care centre.

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