For Comatose US Student’s Medical Care North Korea Issued $2 Million Bill - TNBC USA

North Korea notified a $2 million bill for the hospital looking after of blacked out US citizen Otto Warmbier, dictating that a US official make an agreement on the pledging for paying it before getting permission for flying to the University of Virginia student from Pyongyang in 2017.

The presentation of the documented sign has not been revealed previously by North Korean officials or US personnel and it was exceptionally metallic even for sovereignty known for its combative tactics.

But the main US consulate sent to redeem the agreement in which Warmbier has signed for paying the medical bill on directions imposed by US President Donald Trump, as per the information of the two people, familiar with the situation. They discussed on the condition of anonymity because they were not acknowledged to discuss the matter publicly.

The medical bill sent to the Treasury Department, where it hung on unpaid throughout 2017, according to the people. However, it is not clear whether the Trump administration later paid the bill or whether it emerged with preparations for the US President’s two summits with Kim Jong Un.

The White House refused to comment. Press Secretary of White House Sarah Sanders wrote in an email, “ we do not comment on hostage negotiations, which is why they have been so successful during this administration”.

As recently as 30th September, the US President, proclaimed that his administration paid “ nothing to get American “ hostages” out of North Korea”.

Warmbier, who was 21, went to coma for some unclear reasons on the night he has heard the verdict for 15 years in prison with hard labor in March 2016.

He was sentenced on the accusations restricting from withdrawing a promotion sign in a Pyongyang hotel in the early hours of 1st January 2016. Such a breaching would be inconsequential in almost any other country, but in North Korea, it was pondered a “hostile act against the state”.

Otto’s father, Fred Warmbier said he was never informed about the medical bill of the hospital. He said it resonated like a “ransom” for his late son.

After his verdict, the North Koreans regulated on the blacked out student for another 15 months, not even informing American officials until June 2017 that he had been senseless all that time. News of his condition instigated an insane effort directed by Joseph Yun, the point man of the State Department on North Korea at the time for getting Warmbier home. An emergency medicine doctor, Michael Flueckiger and Yun visited Pyongyang on a medical banishment plane. They were admitted to Friendship Hospital in the diplomatic district, a clinic where only foreigners are treated, and discovered Warmbier lying in a room labeled “intensive care unit”, unresponsive and with a feeding tube in his nose.

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