For Being Involved In College Admission Scam US Initiated Probe On Eight Universities - TNBC USA

The US Education Department has initiated a probe on the major scam based on university admission, mentioning individuals familiar with the matter. If the department traces any violation of educational regulations by colleges, it could enforce sanctions snatching their access to the federal student loans and grants.

Letters were sent notifying the Presidents of Yale, Wake Forest University, the University of San Diego, Stanford, Georgetown, Texas University at Austin, the University of San South California and the University of California, Los Angeles about the probe. The crucial moves come after the Department of Justice charged dozens of wealthy parents as well as two famous actresses for the involvement in an operation which accused from $15,000 to millions of dollars for helping them for hassle-free admission into elite schools.

As per the judicial, the charged parents illegally financed to college admissions consultancy firm as much as $6 million to skip the entrance exams for admission of their children or bribed also to the coaches for helping students to recruit sports they did not even play.

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