Florida Woman Arrested For Child Neglect, Leaving Child in Unlivable Condition - TNBC USA

On Saturday, a Florida woman was detained for allegedly leaving a boy alone in a home without any food, running water or electricity for nine days, revealed a report. The 39-year-old Autumn Lee Beede was charged for child neglect as she left the boy in unlivable conditions. The boy was in critical condition between Feb. 5 and 14. However, the relationship between Beede and the boy was not clear and his exact age is not clear. 

The news was reported by  the Pensacola News-Journal. According to the report, an Escambia sheriff’s deputy conducted a welfare check Feb. 14 at the home. A witness told the deputy that the victim had asked for water, when he brought bottles of water to the home. He also said that the condition was not suitable for a child.

In the report, the deputy noted that there was a “heavy odor of fecal matter” in the home. The boy told the deputy that he had been living with a man who was taken into custody. The boy also described how he survived in a critical condition. For nearly one month no electricity or water was supplied to the house due to lack of payment and he survived by asking friends and neighbours for nourishment. 

The child claimed he last saw Beede on Dec 23. On Feb. 14, she left pastries for the boy on the entrance but never went inside. The journal reported the woman, charged with child neglect, will be taken to the Escambia County jail on a $5,000 bond. 

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