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Thousands of Statue of Liberty’s visitors were rescued from the New York’s Harbour Island, visited to experience the National Monuments on Monday, as a small fire broke out at a nearby construction site, reports source.

The rescue team was ordered by the officials “out of an abundance of caution” as the fire started emerging over three propane gas cylinder on Liberty Island at local noon time (1600 GMT), exclaimed Jim Long. Mr. Long is a spokesperson for the Fire Department in New York.

To bring the fire under control, two fires controlling boats were immediately sent to the spot, which resulted in non-life-threatening injuries, except to a construction worker, reports Mr. Long.

Fire broke out in the island of Statue of Liberty in United States |

Yesterday, in the Island of Statue of Liberty, small but hazardous fires were successfully brought under control, said Assistance of Fire Chief Mr. Roger Sakowich.

Mr. Sakowich tweeted that “With that much propane, had one of the tanks exploded – it was would have been catastrophic.”

Over 3,000 visitors were immediately shipped off the Island, with some of the boats going towards the Ellis Island. However, visitors arrived at the Island to enjoy and experience the world-famous Statue of Liberty, hopes to return back as soon as the fire is brought under control by the authorities. Everything important with the circumstances was updated by a spokesperson of National Park Service Jerry Willis over a phone call.

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