Fear Spreads In US About Migrant Caravan By the Years Old Photo of Bleeding Cop - TNBC USA

The shocking image shows an in the riot Mexican policeman abundantly bleeding from the wound by the gear. According to the viral posts on social media, the culprits were the associates of the caravan of migrants who were on the way towards the north US border and was generating violence across the way.

The early post on Facebook questions beneath the image, “And we are supposed to believe these are just poor, helpless refugees seeking asylum??? I am 100% behind POTUS deploying our military to protect our border and keep them out”.

But the post on the social media is quite misleading from its perspective as it starts with an image which could not relate the incident with the caption that “migrant caravan has emerged as a potent flashpoint in the intensifying midterm congressional election.”

This post has been shared by ten thousand followers including Ginni Thomas, the conservative activist who is also life partner of the Justice of Supreme Court, Clarence Thomas.

According to the claim of Snopes, a fact-checking website, the photograph of the blooded policeman was captured during the protests in 2012 by the Mexican student.

Oxford University’s Computational Propaganda Project director  Phil Howard said, “ Many of the worst sources of political news and information are now covering the movements of the immigrant caravan”. He added, “ Social media is awash with pictures that portray an angry mob heading for the US border…This kind of the event for junk news outlets to turn into a sensational news story.”


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