A woman recounted as “ infuriated ” with the 1999 Columbine High School massacre, who purchased a rapid action shotgun and ammunition after she escaped into Colorado on Monday, is a high-level threat, claimed by police and FBI.

Columbine and dozens other Denver-area based schools were alarmed a potential security alert on Thursday afternoon and a decision will be made early Wednesday as to whether schools will be ongoing or other security cautions taken, informed by the officials in a late night press conference.

Federal Bureau of Investigation Special Agent in charge of the Denver office, Dean Phillips said, “we consider her a credible threat to the community ” at a news briefing.

Earlier Tuesday, the office of the Jefferson County Sheriff notified a warning, calling the woman they held as Sol Pais, 18 of Florida, as “ extremely dangerous”.

Phillips said the local FBI was warned by the Miami office of the FBI which Pais made verbal threats and had visited Colorado.

She has not alerted any specific threats to any particular school, but she revealed verbal comments to others made her a credible threat, according to Phillip. He did not offer specifics about the comments at the press conference.

Along with deputies of Jefferson County Sheriff, Colorado state troopers and FBI agents have hunted for her, including raiding through rural Jefferson County foothills throughout the day and have notified her name and image in local media.

Phillips said, “ we are still chasing leads”. Pais has not been accused of any crime, but Phillips said, “ our priority is to find Miss Pais.”

The vigilant came before four days of the 20th anniversary of the Columbine tragedy, in which two well-armed teen boys attacked their high schools in Littleton, a Denver suburb and brutally shot 12 classmates and a teacher after that they committed suicide. At the time, it was the lethal school shooting in US history.

On Tuesday, the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office placed Columbine and more 21 surrounding schools under a security “lockout”, permitting activities inside to resume as usual but restraining entry and exit at the schools.

The Colorado Department of Public Safety later warned schools throughout the Denver metropolitan area to the threat, suggesting they direct a “ controlled release” of students from classes in the afternoon.

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