The UCF( University of Central Florida) in the US informed that they have an exclusive product for sell the Martian and experimental asteroid soil. Intended buyers can purchase it for $20 per KG including shipping charges. The researchers followed specific and scientific method for producing the Martian and asteroid soil.

The distinct formula that followed by the cosmologists at the university for producing the experimental Martian soil based on chemical solution collected from Mars by the Curiosity rover of Nasa, as per the report published in the journal.

Dan Britt, the professor and UCF’s member of Planetary Sciences Group said, “The simulant is useful for research as we look to go to Mars”.

Britt added, “If we are going to go, we will need food, water and other essentials. As we are developing solutions, we need a way to test how these ideas will fare. ”

For instance, the scientists are finding for methods to produce foods on Mars to examine their techniques on soil that mostly looks after the stuff on Mars.

Britt said, “ You would not want to discover that your method did not work when we are actually there.”

“ What would you do then? It takes years to get there.”

According to the researchers, as the specific formula is completely based on the scientific methods and is issued for usage of all even those who are not ordering soil through the University of Central Florida for experiments which minimize the inconsistency level.

They think that there is an open market for the stimulant. At the amount of $20 per kilogram including the shipping charges, it can be easier to send UCF an order rather than making in labs.

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