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EPA staffer ran errands for Pruitt, looked into buying Trump mattress

by Sawan Kumar | June 5, 2018

Washington (News Service) – Scott Pruitt the head of U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, has an assistant to carry out his chores including the acquisition of the old mattress from the Trump International Hotel as per a hard copy released by the congressional Democrats.

The summit with the EPA’s Director of Scheduling and Advance Millan Hupp unfolded how Pruitt lay money on her in order to explore housing in Washington and paperback a residential site in the place without paying for services such as personal travel.

Pruitt already exists on the hit list for paying below market rent on a condominium and has set up a legal fund in order to safeguard himself from boosting a list of censure related to his reported ethical fluff and spending.

On Monday the Press Secretary Sarah Sanders told that “certainly looking into the matter, “I couldn’t comment on the specifics of the furniture used in his apartment.” She added.

The press briefing was overseen by the Republican and Democratic congressional staff said, Hupp. She did not have to help acquire furniture for Pruitt and she did not put into consideration if he actually obtained the mattress.

“Pruitt crossed a very clear line and must be held accountable.” – said the Representatives Elijah Cummings and Gerry Connolly, senior Democrats. The duo called the committee on the house overnight with the Republican Trey Gowdy reach the roots of the matter.

“We are working diligently with Chairman Gowdy and are in full cooperation in providing the Committee with the necessary documents, travel vouchers, receipts and witnesses to his inquiries,” – said the EPA Spokesman Jahan Wilcox.