Donald Trump's’ former lawyer gets 3-years jail for covering up Boss “dirty deeds” - TNBC USA

Michael Cohen, the former lawyer of the United States President Donald Trump, has delivered a blistering attack on his Boss as he was sentenced to 3-years jail on Wednesday for having involvement in multiple crimes.

Mr. Cohen said, “It was my duty to cover up his ‘dirty deeds’,” as he pleaded for mercy before the US District Judge William H. Pauley III.

52-years-old Michal Cohen was taking all the responsibilities for his crimes and “including those implicating the President of the United States of America.”

His lawyers had asked for no imprisonment time after he pleaded guilty for making a false statement to a financial organization, tax evasion, making false statements and misleading Congress and contribution in illegal campaigns as well.

However, the US District Judge Pauley has sentenced Cohen to 3-years in imprisonment.

Among all the charges that were imposed against the former Trump’s lawyer, “hush money” payments to 2 women, who had threats the public during the 2016 Presidential Election campaign claims that they had affairs with the US President Donald Trump.

This week, President Trump has sought to minimize the significance of the payments says that they were a “simple private transaction” and were “wrong”, which is being termed as campaign contributions.

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