Donald Trump Taunts at the Offender of Brett Kavanaugh - TNBC USA

US President publicly taunted the university professor who brought an accusation of sexual assault against his top court nominee, teasing her incapability to remember the incidents in detail of that night of the reported attack.

This pronounced a drastic change of strategy after  Donald Trump had decided to be restraint towards Christine Blasey Ford, commenting on her a “very credible witness” pursuing the testimonials of Senate against Judge Brett Kavanaugh in last week.  

Trump commented, “I had one beer, right?” evidently remarking the questionnaire of Blasey Ford by the Senate panel as he conveyed a campaign rally in Southaven, Mississippi.

He added to make the atmosphere light, “How did you get home? I don’t remember. How did you get there? I don’t remember. Where was the place? I don’t remember. How many years ago was it? I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know. ”

An inhuman, nasty and dreary attack on Dr Christine Blasey Ford. Is it any unnatural reaction that she was frightened to come forward, and the other molestation survivors are as well? She is an exceptional profile in courage. He generated a profile of mousiness.

The tweets questions, “What neighbourhood was it in? I don’t know. Where is the house? I don’t know. Upstairs, downstairs, where is it? I don’t know. But I had one beer. That is the only thing I remember. And a man’s life is in tatters. A man’s life is shattered.”

The attempt drew mockery from the critics and according to them such kind of taunting was the main reason for the fear of the survivors of sexual assault and for this they scare to go to the public.

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