On Tuesday, the United States President Donald Trump has denied that US Officials were discussing a military proposal to send up to 120000 troops to the Middle East to fight against nuclear weapons released by Iran.  

President Trump told reporters at the White House, “I think it’s fake news, OK? Now, would I do that? Absolutely. But we have not planned for that. Hopefully, we’re not going to have to plan for that. And if we did that, we’d send a hell of a lot more troops than that.”

Last week, Acting Defense Secretary Patrik Shanahan has presented an updated proposal in a meeting of top national security assistant, which intend sending around 120000 American troops to the area if Iran attacks on the United States’ military forces or releases nuclear weapons.

However, the updated proposal doesn’t call for a land invasion of Iran that might require far more troops, reads the source, referring to unknown administration officials.

The new proposal reflects revision ordered by Iran, including National Security Advisor John Bolton, added the source.

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