In Washington, an old lady of 77-years met a tragic death. The reason behind her death is Dippin Dots salesman of ice-cream caused by dry ice.

The old lady in Lakewood was getting a ride for her daughter-in-law after the visit on Thursday, as per as the News Tribune newspaper. Early morning on the next day, the ice-cream business owner found both of them in the car and they appeared unconscious.

The old lady died on the spot and her daughter-in-law in critical condition was hospitalized, reports newspaper. The Pierce County Medical Examining officer reports that the old lady died due to asphyxiation as examiner believes that dry-ice in the car is the reason behind the tragic death.

Ed Troyer, representative of Sheriff reports the News Tribune, “He had four coolers full of dry ice because he delivered Dippin’ Dots to various locations.” He continued “recently got a new car. The newer car probably had better sealing.”

According to the report of University of Washington’s Department of Safety and Heath, dry-ice changes its state above 190 degrees, solid to gas.

As per guidelines, “This releases potentially substantial volumes of CO2, which can displace oxygen quickly in the air around the dry ice, causing difficulty breathing, loss of consciousness and death.” Therefore, it is concerned mainly with confined or non-ventilated spaces.

Troyer further said KOMO News that all this took place not only for a single reason but for line of circumstances.

He also informed the Police Station that “Dry ice by itself isn’t going to kill anybody.”

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