Departed Newborn Discovered in Trash Can At the Warehouse of Amazon - TNBC USA


Phoenix authorities are inspecting the death of a newborn who is discovered in a trash can at a distribution centre of Amazon. The Phoenix Police Department informed that fire officials and Police replied to a call about a departed infant in the restroom of the women which is located inside the nailed security. According to the authorities, firefighters dictated that the infant could not be revived. Authorities have not disclosed any other details about the factors of the death of the infant. Phoenix Police Department’s representative Sgt. Vince Lewis told inspectors have spoken with the mother of the infant but are not recognizing her nor claiming whether she is an employee of Amazon. The department will carry on inspection about the death alongside the Medical Examiner’s Office of Maricopa County.

An Amazon Representative said in a statement, “This is a terribly sad and tragic incident ”. He added, “ We are working with local authorities to support their investigation. The safety and wellness of our team is our top priority.” the representative featured the case as a “personal medical event” and said Amazon is directing an international investigation.

The international company conducted several operations for more than 100 fulfilment and “sortation” centres in North America and arranged 125,000 full-time employment in the United States. It is also known for recruiting ten thousands of short-time workers in during holiday season.

Amazon has also confronted intensive scrutiny over the treatment and pay its workers, thousands of whom depend on federal assistance for food, health care and housing according to the reports of the news agency.



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