Current and former Trump officials are reaching out to Team Biden silently - TNBC USA

As per a CNN report, Current and former Trump officials are quietly reaching out to the newly elected Joe Biden’s transition team. Even as compelling president Donald Trump refuses to admit, several White House officials, it might appear are frustrated. There are some officials within the Trump administration, who believe that Biden is the next President of the US.

As per sources in the White House, there is pressure from Republicans in the Congress to allow a smooth transition to Biden’s team, especially on security-sensitive issues. One former White House official, who did not wish to be named told CNN that he emailed to offer to help someone who has a similar role as him in the Biden transition.

President-elect Joe Biden on Tuesday said how it was important that Trump’s team share virus plans with the current team and emphasised that the knowledge could help save more lives. 

Biden’s team has not been able to access resources that are typically made available to the president-elect. Trump continues to insist on election fraud and is relying on a slew of lawsuits to flip the election results. Trump’s claims of voter fraud have been disputed by experts. 

Lawsuits filed by both the Trump campaign and Trump supporters across the country are also crumbling.

The General Services Administration, however, is yet to formally acknowledge Biden’s win in the 2020 election. 

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