Cuba says cause of illness in U.S. diplomats remains a mystery - TNBC USA

Havana (News Service)- On Sunday Cuba said that it remained perplexed by the health problems that may hit the diplomats post the U.S. State Department reported the two Cuba-based officials had symptoms that were much alike as the previous cases that appeared in the late 2016.

The State Department announced that the cases were akin to the 24 diplomats and family members who were taken ill through the previous year on Friday. This drove up to an abate of personnel in Havana to the ejection of the 17 Cuba diplomats.

A warning for the citizens was also announced by the U.S government. While on Sunday the foreign ministry said that the action politically propelled calling attention to the “after more than a year of investigations by Cuba and the United States … there are no credible hypotheses nor scientific conclusions that justify the actions taken by the U.S. government against Cuba.”

As per the statement Cuba was enlightened in the case that aroused in late May where “a functionary of the (U.S.) embassy on the 27th of the same month had reported health symptoms as a result of ‘undefined sounds’ in her residence.”

Cuba added that it remained prompt to work with the United States in order to mold if anything was of the ordinary. Cuba said that it agreed upon working with the United States in order to figure out whether anything was wrong which lead to the ill effects towards its own probe.

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