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Through the connection of mutual friends in Facebook Max Montgomery and Andi Traynor came close with each other. After a number of times of togetherly meet in a formal mood, they decided to for riding on the Capitola Beach in California in a early morning, in the last October.

After completing the riding episode while they were stepping on the beach, Max of 56 collapsed on the ground. As a doctor, Traynor got a bit confused for a second. Then she started to check and quickly she understood that he could lose his life due to a heart attack.

As a medical professor at Stanford University and a professional anesthesiologist, Traynor of 45 had dealt with so many cases of high-risk pregnancies. She told, “I saw him fall, and initially, I thought he tripped. I turned him over and immediately realized something was very wrong. ”

She called out for someone for calling to 911 and then started to apply cardiopulmonary resuscitation on him. She applied all the aids like compression on the chest, as well as breath releasing for seven minutes to keep hold his blood circulation until the medical team arrived.

Using the defibrillator they tried to avail the breath and then moving him in a ambulance. She got upset and was also unaware about the capturing of the entire terrible struggling recovery episode by the videographer Alexander Baker on the beach.

She said, “ You can see me breaking down at the point. I thought he is dead, people don’t live through that. I can not believe this just happened. How did this just happen? I just felt sadness.”

In the medical van, the professional medical team used the defibrillator thrice more and at last Max Montgomery regained his breath.

Traynor informed that she was very sure about his death and tried to contact his relatives along with his sister on Facebook to inform about this unfortunate happenings. Later the news of the revival of Max left her shocked.

When his sister informed Traynor about his recovery she broke into tears.

Actually, Traynor had a crush on Max Montgomery before his attack and they also professed their feelings to each other. Traynor is also seen to wait for a long time in the hospital along with the family members of Max.

After six days, when Max had been discharged from the healthcare unit, both of them went to the Capitola Beach and actually kissed each other.

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