Cop Encountered With His Own Gun “Not Sure who Fired”, Police In Dilemma - TNBC USA

On Sunday midnight, Brain Mulkeen and two of his colleagues have monitored a neighborhood in the Northern Bronx, tasked with searching out gang activities. New York Cops has brought their patrol car to stop and interrogate a man in an area ill-know for violence, including the recent shoot out. After which the suspect tried to flee away, the police officers followed him and Mr. Mulkeen joined by his partner, hits the man. 

NYPD Chief Terence Monahan has said that a “violent struggle on the ground begun”

In a detailed summary of the video footage, Mr. Mulkeen has said that “he is reaching for it, he is reaching for it,” said to Monahan.

Then five gunshots took place that midnight. 33-year-old Terence Mulkeen was shot thrice, informed Monahan, as five responding officers started firing targeting the suspect. The suspect was encountered, informed the Chief, and the victim was immediately lifted to a nearby hospital, where he later lost his life. 

0.32 caliber revolver was recovered from the unidentified suspect, informed the Chief that it was the service weapon of Brain Mulkeen that was discharge – believing that the suspect may have taken it away from the officer’s rifle and shot him with it. 

He continued, “At this point, it does not appear that the perpetrator’s gun was the one that fired,” adding that “Officer Mulkeen’s gun fired five times. At this point, we are not sure who fired Officer Mulkeen’s gun.”

In 2013, Brain Mulkeen has joined the police force. He used to live with his girlfriend in Yorktown Heights, who is also a police officer, informed the Chief. 

Monahan further said that “there is absolutely no worse moment on our job than this. As we stand here this morning, a young man with a bright future who courageously patrolled some of New York City’s toughest streets has tragically lost his life.”

The 27-year-old accused has been on probation for narcotics-related detention and also had a criminal history, which includes a burglary conviction, said Monahan.  

Dozens of police officers have gathered in the dark to give a final salute to Brain Mulkeen, as ambulances and police motorcycles have pulled away with flashing blue and red lights.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio hailed him as a “Hero” doing “a job that New Yorkers needed him to do.”

Brain Mulkeen is reported the second police officer to be encountered this year on duty in New York. 

Earlier, Detective Brian Simonsen was accidentally killed by another police officer in February, while replying to a report of armed robbery. 

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