Chinese Woman Accused Of Trespassing Detained From Donald Trump Resort - TNBC USA

On Wednesday, a Chinese woman who stirred fears of surveillance when she entered the United States President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Resort carrying a malware-spiked thumb drive and multiple mobile phones were found guilty of trespassing and lying in a court in Florida.

33-year-old Zhang Yujing was detained on March 30 at Mar-a-Lago in Florida’s Palm Beach, where President Trump was on his frequent visits, first acknowledged herself as a club member and was heading to the pool, irrespective of having a swimsuit. 

She then claimed to be attending a non-existent Chinese-American friendship event. Ms. Yujing has carried two passports from the People’s Republic of China, informed the US Secret Service which detained her. 

Secret Service Agents at the spot found four cell phones, an external hard drive, a laptop computer, and a thumb drive that “contained malicious software,” according to charging documents.

Ms. Yujing was accused of one count of making false statements to a federal officer and another at a restricted building. 

The case has raised fear amid a series of arrests of Chinese charged in the United States in recent years for reportedly spying and theft of commercial secrets.

A federal judge said at her trial that she seemed to be “up to something nefarious.”

Shortly after the arrest, the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo echoed that thought.

He continued, “I think this tells the American people the threat that China poses, the efforts that they’re making here inside the United States not only against government officials, but more broadly.”

But Zhang Yujing wasn’t charged with trespassing, and no proof in the case was presented recommending she was a spy. 

Despite her weak English persist on acting as her own attorney in the trial, she was found guilty on both the cases, which could bring up a five-year sentence and a $250000 fine. 

Finally, Zhang Yujing will be sentenced on November 22. 

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