Chinese Individual Came on a Student Visa, Arrested for working as Intelligence Spy - TNBC USA

A Chinese individual is imprisoned in the US in Chicago on the accusation of assisting Beijing to take the official initiative for recruiting American engineers scientists, after reaching the US on a student visa.

Ji Chaoqun was reportedly assigned to supply the biographical information about specific citizens of America to the Chinese intelligence – some of them were contractors in the defence sector of US.

The Chinese individual of 27 years old was accused of being an agent of the foreign country and was continuing intentional activities as a spy without any previous notification to the Attorney General of US after arriving Chicago in 2013 for study purpose of electrical engineering on a student visa.

As per the legal affirmation, Ji was continuing his work according to the direction of the high-level intelligence officials of the State Security Ministry of China which works for gathering civilian intelligence information and also responsible to secure the country from spying of foreign intelligence team as well as to ensure the political security.

According to the authorities, Ji was reportedly researching the information about the citizens of America who were born in Taiwan. The main targets were either the recent employee or the retired employee of the science and technology industry.

The litigation is filed in the federal court by the investigator of FBI special commando of spying intelligence. He claimed that there was an engineer who works in the top both military and commercial aircraft engine suppliers of the world,  among the targeted people.

After the imprisonment of one of his spy, he met with the secret US agents in April and in May admitted his work including the collecting information and background checking.

He reportedly stated to the secret agents: “ They just wanted me to purchase some documents on their behalf. Their reason was just that it was inconvenient for them to make payments from China.”


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