Mike Pence, Vice President of US, disseminated an inclusive incrimination explaining the methods behind China’s climb to be introduced as an utmost economic power posing in a sharply potential speech that Beijing has researched to harrow the interests of US across the world and also to tunnel US President Donald Trump in the midterm election.

Addressing at the conventional Hudson Institute, Pence blamed China for taking advantage of trading, martial expansion and diplomatic presentation to extend their influence and he yelled on the business leaders of America, academic scholars, as well as reporters to oppose the campaign of Beijing.

According to Pence, Trump “ will not back down” to the challenge. He also included that China “wants a different American president” and the nation “is meddling in America’s democracy” in advance of midterm elections, an blame that ringing a pose the president first elevated at the United Nations last week.

Pence also define China as a bigger threat in the matter of election security rather than Russia whose interruption caused a special counsel inspection in the election of 2016 and Trump usually calls it “witch hunt”.

Pence said, “As a senior career member of our intelligence community told me just this week, what the Russians are doing pales in comparison to what China is doing across this country. And the American people deserve to know it.”

Pence commented, “ We have no interest in interfering in the internal affairs and elections of the United States”, Hua Chunying,  the representative of foreign ministry said, “ The international community sees very clearly, in fact, which country is one that invades the sovereignty of other countries, interferes in other countries internal affairs and damages the interests of other countries”.

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